About Us

What is CAADI? CAADI is an organisation for Driving Instructors dedicated to providing the highest quality Driving Tuition, in a pleasant and professional manner.

CAADI had its roots in the mid fifties, but gained its current title in the early seventies.

Its members follow a Code of Conduct that was devised and written many years before the DSA proposed a similar Code of Conduct to be followed by Approved Driving Instructors.

We hold regular meetings to discuss tuition techniques and road safety matters (we have very active representation on Cambridge’s Road Safety Advisory Council), and invite speakers on aspects of importance to our profession.

In short, we aim to provide first rate driving tuition, good value for money (not necessarily the cheapest….you get what you pay for in driving tuition, as in other walks of life), and, vitally, we see our task as teaching our pupils to drive, not merely to pass the test, and all experienced drivers will recognise the difference.

It is a crucial difference, and, we hope, will enable our pupils to become safe and considerate drivers.

It is sobering to reflect on the high rate, nationally, of novice driver accidents.

1 in 5 drivers crash in their first year of driving.

1 in every 319 young male drivers will be killed or seriously injured in a car crash in the next 12 months.

An 18 year old driver is more than 3 times more likely to be involved in a crash than a 48 year old driver.

Novice drivers can take up to 2 seconds longer to spot a hazard than experienced drivers, yet many believe their (marginally) quicker reactions will keep them safe!.

We try our best to ensure our pupils are less likely than most to join these early driver casualty statistics.
Why should I choose a CAADI Instructor?

Membership of this Association is by invitation. Only fully qualified, Driving Standards Agency Approved Instructors are eligible.
Membership is subject to an individual instructor’s good character and professional conduct.
Members adhere to a strict code of conduct, which assures those wishing to obtain a full UK driving licence of the very highest standards of tuition and conduct.
You will be assured of good value for money (remembering that the cheapest is rarely ‘good value’ in the long run), and tuition aimed at making you as safe and competent a driver as your personal skills permit.